Corsair H5O liquid cooling vs. Thermaltake SpinQ

I was just wondering which of these products would do a superior job at cooling my CPU? The Corsair H5O liquid cooling system or the Thermaltake SpinQ (which is fan cooled)?
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  1. The H50 is superior by a mile, as a matter a fact the H50 is giving the Top aircoolers a run for their money =) ....

  2. Well it looks a lot better with a decent fan or two ... the stock one for the H50 lets it down a bit.

    With a better fan ... or two ... it sits up there with the best of the air coolers.

    It should be a good cooling proposition for a fairly hefty overclock.

    Note there are much better and pricier water cooling rigs out there.

    The last page of the review pretty much sums up the advantages of the H50.

    I hope this helps.

    Like all water coolers there is a risk of a leak ... but this one looks quite simple to install and will work efficiently and quietly ... no fuss.
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