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I have an older machine that was getting slower and slower so I decided to wipe the drive and start over. I wiped it and now when I try and install XP I get a blue screen of death. The 007B one to be exact. the second number is 034 which supposedly means it can't see the drive. However, I have hit the drive and tested it extensively with everything from UBCD to MaxBlast 5 (it's a Maxtor) and it tests out perfectly. I have formatted , partioned it two or three times and it always works fine. BTW, when I use UBCD4WIN I get the same error, but I used the windows based version of MaxBlast and did not. Ideas?


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  1. Is the hard disk connected to the intel or 3rd party controller on the motherboard? is it an IDE or SATA hard disk. what version of windows XP are you trying to install? If you have a SATA hard disk make sure you are using the Windows XP with the service pack that supports SATA. I believe it was sp2.
  2. If this is a sata drive then you need to use F6 during installation and install the sata drivers during install.
  3. Thank you for your responses.

    The drive is the same one that was working two days ago. I got a black screen of death/moving cursor and decided it was time for a fresh start anyway.

    The drive is a Maxtor ATA 133. It is directly connected to an Asus P4C800 motherbord. I have reseated all cables.

    I tried it as NTFS, now I'm retrying FAT32 which I believe the drive was originally.

    I am trying to install XP OEM SP2 from a backup disk, which I have done before. I have a legit # on the machine case, from when I had this machine custom built. It seems to me that an incorrect disk would load and tell me so, so I don't think that's the prob anyway.

    Various disk info programs have reported the drive as B:\, as inaccessable, etc but it always tests out as physically connected and fine, EXCEPT with a windows disk.

    Thanks again
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