Western Digital Ext. Hard drive

Hi there please help me

I have a new Western Digital 3TB Ext. Hard drive. How
to Partition the Disk into 5 primary partiitons and 3 logical partitions.
Can I do that from Windows itself or what software or a free
software will helo me accomplish this

Thank you
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  1. You can do it from Windows.
  2. Thanks a lot for the info. Can I do it from Windows 7 professional 64 bit.

    If so which is the best way to partition the Western Digital 3TB External
    Hard drive into Primary and logical partitions
    Total No. of partitions I want to have is 8.

    3 or more for installing operating systems and the
    rest for data storage --Extended or Logical Partitions.

    In one of them I want to have Oracle database to install
    (Free from Oracle --for Study purpose).

    I don't know what is extended or Logical. I only heard the name.
    Iam not sure what they are.

    Please help me sir.

    Thank you
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