Computer won't recognize sata hard drive anymore

First off, my brother was playing minecraft for about an hour and then my computer randomly freezes and then turns off. This acutally never happened to me before and I've also played minecraft plenty of times as well without this ever happening. So i try to boot up my system and i get past the blue hp boot screen and it says no boot device found. I entered my bios screen and also found out that the bios wont even recognize a hard drive at all.

So I took it to my uncle who knows a bit more than i do about the interal hardware of computers and told me that both my dvd rom drive and my internal hard drive died. Knowing this, i decided to buy a set of those two things. I installed the hard drive and dvd/cd rom with ease but i enter the bios screen and still nothing shows. I put in my recovery discs and the computer won't even boot from the cd drive anymore, I have also checked the bios boot order and the cd rom is put on first priority. I have even tried to put in my xp and windows 7 install discs in but no success. For some reason though, the computer WILL boot from a flash drive, just not the cd rom.

I have done the hp diagnostics from the blue boot screen and everything passes except for the hard drive. It gave me an error saying "BIOHD2", basically stating that it cannot find or recognize a drive connected. I have also tryed clearing the CMOS but with no luck. I reseated everything i could except for the processor. I have also even tryed using another brand new hard drive and also a brand new sata cable. I can clearly hear my computer working and operating while I boot it but it just wont recognize anything connected from the Sata ports at all. Is there any hope of fixing my computer?

Computer Specs
s3707c-b desktop PC bundle
Base processor Athlon 64 X2 (B) 5400+ 2.8 GHz (65W)

800 MHz front side bus
Socket AM2

ChipsetGeForce 9100


Manufacturer: Pegatron
Motherboard Name: APX78-BN
HP/Compaq motherboard name: Nutmeg-GL6E

Power supply

Memory Installed4 GBMaximum allowed4 GB* (2 x 2 GB)

4gbs of RAM

Hard drive

500 GB SATA 3G (3.0 Gb/sec)
7200 rpm
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  1. Your Uncle gave you the wrong advice. It is extremely unlikely a DVD drive and a HDD would fail at the same time. Your problem is likely Motherboard. The other possibility is if both drives were powered by the same power cable, the power cable is faulty or the PSU powering it has an issue. I assume that the PSU is actually more powerful than 160 watts.
  2. Had a a similiar thing happen today.My system was operating fine. I had Windows updates to install so i installed and the comp had to re-boot. when it rebooted it would (won't) recognize my Sata2, which is a second harddrive (non OS drive). I tried disk management etc. The drive does not even appear. no clue what happened. I'm runnin Windows 7 Ult.

    anyone else? anyone know how to fix?
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