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Need some advice on whether I should get a gfx card or not... I just purchased a Gateway sx2802 quad core with windows 7, it has the integrated intel x4500 chipset. That chipset is supposed to support dual independent monitors. I currently have on 22" monitor hooked up and I am looking to add a second. The computer has both a vga and a dvi hookup so I am guessing that should not be a problem.. I do not do any gaming, it is used strictly for application development. So, long story short, will the intel x4500 be enough to push both monitors, or do i need to look into a low profile gfx card. Thanks for the help.
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    It should work just fine. You will have to run the 2nd display on VGA, but it will work. The only thing you might notice is some sluggish graphics depending on what you are doing, but basic stuff should be fine.

    Yes it will work. Will you need a dedicated card? Maybe if you see graphic performance issues, but I would do without it for now. And even if you need a dedicated card, you won't need much more than a sub$50 card. The benefit to that would be you can get a dual DVI card.
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