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I have a 3 year old Dell laptop with me, the fan bearing for the heatsink needs lube badly. Unfortunately, the fan itself doesn't seem to have a rubber cap, just a round piece of metal that looks impossible to remove. Anyone have any ideas? I wonder if it's designed to pour lubricant directly into it but that sounds unlikely. I've included an image.
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  1. take the fan out and flood it wherever you can with RP7 or WD40 or something to use in cars then spin the fan a bit and move the blades up and down then empty the excess and make sure nothing else drips out before re-installing it

    also you may want to look on ebay for a replacement if this does not work..
  2. Light machine oil, WD40 will evaporate.

    Looks more like a cap, try using pliers to remove it for access for spindle.
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    If you really must... there could be fallout with the lubes suggested. Why not just get a new one. We used to rebuild them, but they aren't really that pricey now.
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