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Hello everyone:)
I need your comment/advice. I am assembling the following:
CPU=Intel Core i7-860 Lynnfield 2.8GHz LGA 1156 95W Quad-Core Processor Model BX80605I7860 - Retail
MB=MSI P55-GD65 Intel 1156 i5 i7 P55 Motherboard, with the new Intel® P55 Express Chipset, supporting the Intel® Core i7
MEM=Kingston 4GB DDR3 (2 X 2GB) 1600MHz CL8 240-PIN DIMM, DUAL HYPERX
HSF=Zalman CNPS10X Quiet CPU Cooler
I will reuse other old parts from my old dual core box. I am thinking of using the Coolermaster extreme power plus 500w which I already have. I do not intend to OC. I will use the box for distributed computing, internet browsing, NO GAMING. Play solitaire , office software, adobe photoshop email.
The ASUS PSU Calculator recommends 450 watts only.
Thank very very much for your advice.
joseps :)
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    A 4650 is too weak to use 1GB of RAM. Get the DDR3 512mb version.

    If you're not gaming, you can get something even cheaper such as the 43xx series or a 9400GT for around $30.
  2. MSI blaarrrgg dont do it
  3. 450W would be fine for your setup. 500W is okay too. Get a quality PSU. 700W is overkill.
    Good sites to research PSUs include and
  4. apache_lives said:
    MSI blaarrrgg dont do it

    Hi apache_live:)
    This MSI mb is my second cheap mobo. But I have never been disappointed. I also have built on several ASUS and GIGA MB. Anyway I proceeded with my build and here's what I did:
    I re-used my old case, 2 hdd with existing Vista ult & Win 7 rc, dvd-rw. Using all my previous listed components. In my first boot, every thing works except that I have to update both OS. Updating was automatic for each OS. With Vista OS, I activated it by phone and explained to Microsoft rep, that I just updated my old cpu&mobo to Intel core i7 860 &mb-MSI P55 gd65. My system was activated ok. Runs very cool. I test run it on distributed computing with World Community Grid in Vista OS. All 8 threads are running with 8 work units. But the Rosetta@home failed to download and run the 8 threads. However in the Win 7 RC OS, Rosetta@ home runs only 4 threads or 4 wu.I have to increase the ram memory usage to 90% in order run 8 threads and 8 work units for each OS. I am very happy with the performance. But I never play Games or OC. tHE BOX is now running full load 8 thread on distributed computing 16 hrs every day on medical research for human diseases. It's my volunteer work for the last 3 years with my 5 self built boxes now all upgraded to quad processors.
    Thanks for all your comments and advice. I appreciate them very much.
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