New motherboard: Lower Windows Index, Slower memory timings...


My old MB (Asus P5N32E SLI) recently died on me, and I got a replacement (Gigabyte EP45-UD3L)
Anyways I installed everything and loaded the optimized bios settings.
Now, I check CPUz and my memory timings are not what I should have. My memory is OCZ XTC Platinum Rev 2 (link)
CPUz shows 5-5-5-15 and what is expected is in fact 4-4-4-15.
So I went to the Bios, adjusted the memory latencies to 4-4-4-15 and then raised the default voltage (1.8v) to (1.98v). I know the memory voltage is 1.9v-2.1v but i do not know what exact number I should set it to. So I just chose 1.97v.

Also my Windows Experience Index went down.
Hard drive used to be 5.8 and now it is 5.7.
Memory and CPU used to be well above 6 (cannot remember exact numbers) and are now both 5.7

what is causing all of this?


I do not know what CPUz shows memory voltage as the defaulted 1.8v, Everest correctly shows the adjusted one at 1.98v.

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  1. Did you do a fresh install of Windows?

    If not there lies the problem.
  2. Hey thanks.

    Really a fresh install of Windows is whats needed? How come?
  3. I have done a fresh windows install and still no change. I think my default voltages are not correct.
  4. Does anybody know if lower voltages cause lower WEI?
    What are the correct voltages for E6600
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