New build, SSD + 2x HDD in Raid 1 (?)

Hello, I'm considering doing my first-ever build, likely around a i5-2500k or i7-2600k, and have questions about storage. I'm thinking about putting Win 7 x64 + certain apps on SSD (got a good deal on a 128GB Crucial M4, but can return if needed). Would then have data storage on separate HDD(s), which I am considering setting up in Raid (1??) for redundancy. So, first, intended use of the system, then some specific questions:

Primary uses
- store & some editing of family pics & videos, shot on mid-enthusiast level equipment
- home media server (streaming video, blu-ray player, lossless audio--my entire CD collection digitized)
- possible semi-pro/enthusiast audio recording (DAW)
- possible gaming (least important)

I currently have ~500-600 MB of important data and expect this to double or more in the next year (new baby due soon). Maybe more data if I really get into audio recording.

1) Is SDD + 2x HDD in Raid 1 a good general approach for my needs? If not, other recommendations?
2) How do I plan for possible future storage needs? Just plan to change to a different raid type if/when I need to add additional drive(s)?
3)Drives: any specific drive recommendations? Assuming some sort of a Raid array, how important is drive speed? E.g. is it worth spending the extra $$$ on, say, Caviar Black vs. Green?
4) another factor is noise: given possible audio recording use I'd ideally like to make this a quiet/silent build, but trying to understand any performance trade-offs and their significance.
5) I've heard varying opinions on "RAID-ing" drives like Caviar Black that aren't true RAID big of a deal is that?
6) I haven't finalized chipset / mobo...any specific recos? Importance of separate raid hardware & impact on mobo choice?
7) Any recommendations for a good back-up method (online/offsite) to use in conjunction with this system?

I don't am okay investing modestly to accomplish this, but don't need "cutting edge". I'm looking for something I'll be happy with for, say, 18-36 months.

Thanks very much!!
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  1. Any suggestions on the above posting? Please let me know if this belongs in a different area of the site--I'm a newbie and not sure where to start. Thanks in advance!
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