Diamond vs XFX 5970

Currently I have access to a Diamond 5970. I'm not gonna tell you where cause i want it for me :).
but I heard that the XFX 5970 black edition is coming out at the end of the month (November).
I currently have an XFX ati card and i love it but, I'm wondering if the diamond is okay, or if the XFX is going to be much better (because it will be more... you can't deny that).

Thanks guys.
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  1. Since that monster is going to cost you over 500.00$ I would opt for the XFX due to the warranty....
  2. thanks!
  3. Probably more than $700...
  4. yea that card is expensive, and if the OP lives in the States he can benefit from Lifetime-Warranty ... Imagine paying good money for a card of that caliber and have it fail shortly after the warranty expires....
  5. What about sapphire as a company?
  6. Sapphire, XFX, Gigabyte, and ASUS are probably ATI's top manufacturers. I personally like Sapphire as the 4850X2 was only available from them.
  7. because i could by a diamond for $650(I live in US of A) no shipping cost(at a store), or a sapphire at 650 (that price includes shipping), or wait and try to track down a XFX.

    Which would you guys choose?
  8. Diamond.
  9. What are each of their respective warranties? If they are at least three years, that is probably sufficient (after three years if it died and was not replaced, I wouldn't be too crushed).
  10. Probably is, check the warranty though.
  11. Its a two year limited warranty. Is that okay?
  12. Well, that's up to you. At what point would you consider it old enough to die? 2 years would be borderline for me, but probably ok. If you are expecting this thing to last 5 years though, I would wait.
  13. Well at that price I would get the Sapphire as you said it was $650, I believe they have lifetime limited.
  14. the sapphire warranty is 2 year limited according to the website.
    same rules as the diamond
  15. Well if you want to utilize the overclocking capability of the card i would wait until the xfx comes out that way if it starts to melt inside of your case you will get your money back :whistle:
  16. Given the fact that XFX offers Double Life Time warranty that could enable you sell the card easier down the road (when needed) as the buyer will also get a warranty making them less hesitant to buy a used card.

    Double Lifetime Protection*
    Nothing tops our warranty. It’s not just a limited lifetime warranty, it’s a transferable lifetime warranty. So, should you sell your XFX 6-, 7-, 8-, 9-, GTX-, GTS-, GT-, and GeForce Series or any XFX Radeon HD Series cards, whomever you give it to or sell it to is protected, as well. Better still, it’s the best card on the planet for gamers who push our cards to the limit.


    As far as quality goes, XFX and Diamond both make quality cards, but in my personal experience, the EVGA and XFX cards tend to OC a bit more than ASUS,etc cards.
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