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:fou: :fou: hello I need some help trying to put a bicycle light on the wife bike it have a system that not to go past the 6 volts however we have small motors on the bike to get it around and its sometimes go past this too the point of blowing the light so what type of resister is needed to make it work and still have no blow out on the light please respond with this info you can contack me at my email this will save me the time and money to buying them bulds all the time thank you joe
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  1. A resistor is probably not the best solution, However I am assuming that the light you have is meant to be powered with 5 volts. I am not sure what the power draw of the bulb would be but the easiest solution would to put a diode that is large enough to handle the power in series with it as the Diode will cause a .6 to .7 volt drop across it and that might be just enough to solve the problem. Another option would be to use a Zener diode as a very basic voltage regulator, which is more difficult to understand and I don't know your level of expertise. If you are interested in that route read up on them and see if you can get something to work. It looks like Wikipedia gives a decent explanation of how Zener diodes work. If you have a multimeter measure the resistance across the bulb you want to run, and what voltage it is supposed to run at, and what kind of power system you are using. Then I may be able to help you out further.
  2. Thank for info but still trying to get more on this request the motor is an add on that have a magneedo to give it power and when it reb up it will go past the 6volts output the motor is made to take it the lights is another storey to said the lease and now you might ask why not use the genorater that come with the kit will the bike was converted to a trykcycle where the back tire is not there anymore so have to fix it up to run another way without blowing the lights out so still looking for help on this matter thank you for reading please respond and hoping someone have the right answer that will help me out end of message joe kumley
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