Cant get in to my bios stuck

hi there everyone ihave a striker extreme mobo and just put a new h50 water cooler system on my 3.4 dule core cpu.
now when i try to boot i get to the start up screen where it gie you the option to hit tab for the post screen or del to go to the bios.
well if you hit tab it takes you to the post screen and gives you the options of hit f8 for boot menu or del fot bios so i hit del and it ays loading and hangs just says loading for (forever) never loads bios and if i hit the f8 for boot menu same thing hangs and wont boot so is my mother board frigged or what any help would be great thanks alot guys and gals for any help you could give .

ps i have already tryed another cpu ad removing ram one piece at time and un hooked all drives and hd's .
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  1. You may have to clear the BIOS settings. Look on the motherboard for a jumper with "CLR_CMOS" printed on the board (usually near the BIOS chip). Unplug the power cord from the wall. Move the jumper from the default position so it covers the middle pin and the pin that was uncovered in the default position. After about 10 seconds, re-place the jumper to the default position (the way you originally found it). Plug in the power cord, power-on your system, and enter the BIOS to reset any custom changes you made before you had the problem.
  2. If there is a small battery on your motherboard, you could also try removing the battery for a few seconds which will also clear the cmos and reset them to the factory defaults. can you get to the last known good configuration option?
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