Drop signal

Anybody help?
I just installed a new motherboard A8V with 64 x2 3800 chip 2 gb ram.
The Belkin N wirless card I had been using for over a year now can't find my signal reliably.
I am posting now with it up.
I could loose it at any time.
Some times it give me the wireless networks it finds and then wont connect. Then it can't find any.
Sometimes if I ask it to repair it will find it.
Tried to stream netflix and lost the signal.
I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure this out.
Reinstalled drivers. Updated Bios. Changed slots.
All other computers and My Ipod have no problem finding a signal.
What is this machine up to?
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  1. Maybe... the card is flaky now due to moving it.

    Maybe the power supply doesn't have the extra to give it to boost the signal.

    Hard to know without seeing what it is doing.

    I am surprised you didn't reinstall windows though with the new MB install. I've never had good luck installing a new board without a fresh windows install. That do could have something to do with it.
  2. Did the OP install a new motherboard on an existing system?! I just assumed this was a new OS installation. That sometimes doesn’t work at all, or does but leads to lots of secondary problems. You almost always have to do a repair install w/ the installation CD to have any chance of this working.
  3. UPDATE: formated hard drive reinstalled WIN xp all drivers .
    NO Help. Finds my network, the neighbors network, the Church two doors down the street's network, sometimes.
    Try to connect and then can't find any signal
    Sometimes I can ask to repair and it will find a network and connect.
    Usually not for long.
    I'm going card shopping today.
  4. Update. While shopping for a replacement card I noticed my card has a lifetime warranty. After 2 hours with teck support They agreed to a replacement. Yeah Belkin.
    Arrived today. Installed and the same thing all over again. Found network. Connects.5 min the Network is gone.
    Format Hard drive, looked through bios for anything,tweaked a few settings.
    Reinstall OS, drivers ect.
    It is running for hour now with solid connection.
    Keeping my fingers crossed
  5. Yeah, sounds like it was a card issue.
  6. NOPE new card acts the same.
    Tried vista. No help.
    Reinstalled XP worked for an hour. Installed sp2.
    surfed for an hour.
    Tried to stream nexflix and ...ITS gone.
    Now it cant find a signal again.
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