Phenom II x2 550 BE Stability

Guys hear me out Ive unlocked my phenom to a Quad core and thinking of which whether it is stable enough it installed through windows perfectly played even the whole Dragon age game with it and batman arkham assylum and tried it with prime95. 30min test and no crash happened..... and also was surfing during the process.... hehehe can we say its an official QUAD CORE ?? i also changed the HSF with a GIGABYTE X POWER and temps are 39- 42 idle and around 52-56 i think in load so is it ok???

would like some suggestions and any advice is appreciated. :D
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  1. Yes, if it passes Prime95 without crashes, and is stable while running at the same clock have successfully turned a PhenomII Dual Core into a PhenomII Quad core and saved yourself $70.

  2. You're are good to go. Now overclock that thing. I got myself a x3 730 with the 4th core unlocked at 3.6ghz so you should see what you can get.
  3. Can u tell me what voltages your on and multiplier and such ??? i tried in AMD OVE DRIVE 17.5 which oc's to 3.5 ghz and 1.35 cpu core voltage and it was stable......
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