Corsair Force 2 120GB+Force 3 120GB in RAID

I just got my self a cheap 120GB force3 sdd and have already and force 2 and wondering if it is any point to put them in RAID0 to get lager system disk? if yes what happen to read/write speed when the are so different to start with? other wise i can just configure other disk as games/software disk and keep them separate
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    From what I have read on these forums, the consensus is not to RAID solid-state drives. 120 GB is plenty for the OS and all kinds of software.

    If I personally had two SSDs, I would use the second for

    1) My most frequently accessed and modified documents.
    2) Scratch file space for all applications that use large scratch files.
    3) Active projects for high IO work, such as video editing.

    Let the drive suffer wear; I would get faster performance from my heaviest apps. I only have the one SSD, so I only do point number 1.
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