Which X58 motherboard should i buy. pls help

well yesterday only i have asked u people which is good chipset amd 890fx or intel x58.
well most of the answer was for intel i7 930 so i have decided to go with X58 chipset.
but the question is there are so many x58 chipset mptherboards from manufacturer.

I will either choose Asus or Gigabyte .
i will not choose Evga since it is not good for crossfire and Msi has good motherboards for p55 chipset only.

so if u have any knowledge,experience please suggest me a good motherboard .
i am not a much overclocker.

well my eye is on Ga X58a UD7.
please tell me is this a good fast motherboard .
I know this motherboard is quite expensive but i am ready to spend that amount.
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  1. I personally love every Gigabyte UD series board I have ever worked with both for Intel or AMD so if you have the money then go for it.
  2. The ASUS P6X58D-E is a fantastic option. The ratio value/performance is very good.
    Anyway, here you have an usefull article from this site about this matter:

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