Too Many Fans?

Hey all its me again lol. Hey I have a TALL Thermaltake case and i modded it I think tooo much. Can you have 2 many fans? I have a Phenom x2 550 and a nvidia 9800gt and my case gets HOT! So I installed the following fans lol ( dont make fun of me please lol)

1 80mm stock cpu cooler
2 80mm fans in the rear blowing in on the cpu
2 80mm fans in the front blowing on 2 hdd's
1 80mm fan on the top for the heat to be pushed out.
1 120mm fan mounted on my 450 watt Ps
2 80mm fans mounted on a pci type fan thing blowing down on the 9800gt
2 80mm fans mounted on a pci type fan thing blowing up on the 9800gt

*Modded Side Panel*
2 120mm fans mounted on the side panel blowing in on the video and cpu
1 80mm mounted on the bottom of the panel for heat to escape
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  1. You don't want the fans in the back blowing in. You want the air flowing through the case and out the back/side/top.
  2. so have the 120s on the side blowing out and the rear blowing out?
  3. ok if i do that all i will have is the 2 80mm's on the front blowing in. The 4 80mm's on the pci card thing uses case air to blow on the 9800gt. The outtake will overpower the intake of air wont it? Maybe im just noob lol
  4. Thats too many fans.
    You can remove some.You'll save electricity.

    1 case fan near 9800GT is enough.
    Keep 1 in front,1-2 on the rear panel and 1 on the side panel(So that it blows air in towards the CPU fan)

    That will be enough.
    Make sure the direction of airflow is same.
    I mean if the rear fans are blowing in then front fans should blow out.So the air goes in 1 direction.

    Hope that helps:)
  5. I have a sensor on the 9800gt and it reads 149 degrees (f) 65 degrees (c) isnt that kinda hot?
  6. and yea ill turn the rear fans out. I have this case Thermaltake Xaser III
  7. Well I have a 9800GT too.
    And it reports 90c!

    What temps are you seeing?

    Are they idle temps or load temps?
  8. oh wow!! At load i see high temps right now with just typing this its at 51c
  9. Best answer
    If you add a few more fans I think that computer may lift off the ground and fly away.

    On a serious note though... As mentioned you should have air flowing in and out in a somewhat predetermined path. mine I have 2 80mm blowing in the front, 1 120 blowing out the back, and 1 240mm blowing out the top. This provides good air flow in and across the hot parts.

    As a rule of thumb you want more exhaust than intake but you don't want the fans fighting each other for air flow. Make sure your cables are out of the way of your graphics card and processesor as much as possible too. In one side out the other.

    Wax on, wax off. You will do good grasshopper
  10. lol thanks alot lol @ wax on wax off lol. Ill change the direction of the fans 2morrow. I built a gaming rig and listening to the people at bestbuy I see now they are idiots lol
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