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WD hdd died

hey guys i am running windows 7 i got a couple of BSOD(Kernel_data_inpage_error 0x0000007A)and (unmountable boot volume x0000000ED) and my pc restarted this happened a couple of times then chkdsk ran and it booted up into windows perfectly and was working then almost 4 to 5 hrs later boom another bsod and that was it refused to boot. The hdd is a 2tb WD and partitoned into 2 1st partition was 160gb for windows and 2nd was the rest which unfortunately contains all my data. Now in windows the hdd is showing up as un initialized in computer management. I assumed the partition table had died so tried multiple softwares(Test Disk, Part Recovery, EASEUS Partition Recovery 5.0.1) to try and restore the partition table but to no avail. i tried running getdataback on the disk to see if i can recover my data but it keeps givin I/O errors and i had left it running for 13 hrs and it only finished 1%. unfortunately i do not have a single backup of the data. So was wondering if any of you guys know of a way for me to get the data back from the hdd or restore the parition table so i can copy the data off.
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  1. You can try to use something like ( to make a system disk. This system disk includes software to access the HD with a file manager. You can then copy the raw data files to a cd or flash drive.
  2. i tried using Hiren's Boot Cd as well as ubcd but no luck. hirensoot cd had alot of tools to repair the partition but they didnt work and ubcd takes me into parted margic where all i get is a command prompt and i have no idea what to do there.


    in bart pe all i get is an exe file i was unable to locate the image which contains all the softwares. i was considering formatting the hard disk in windows install in the hope that it would remove the read errors and let me run getdataback to restore the data but some ppl have told me that its not a good idea to do that what do u all think??
  3. Are you saying you want to format the windows partition and reinstall windows?
    If you have access to another hd, you might try installing windows on to it as C drive. Then use it to try to view the data partition on the old HD. The entire MBR may be corrupted. I would not format anything on that drive except as a last resort. Have you tried a repair install of windows?
  4. i have installed windows on al old 160 gb hdd i had and it does not detect the 2tb in windows. I have not tried repairing the install of windows on the 2tb i had tried doing a startup repair but it did not detect a valid windows installation. From what i had noticed the c partition on the drive was showing bad sectors but the d partition which has all the data was showing up perfectly i had run a chkdsk on it b4 it had crashed and it didnt give me any errors.
  5. Have you tried using a command prompt window on the 160 to change directory to the "D"?
  6. the 2tb hdd does not have a drive letter anymore its un intitialized in the computer.
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    You are about out of options sorry to say. If the data is of high importance you need to send the drive to a recovery lab for analysis. If you choose that service be prepared to spend some cash. Another choice is to use some tool like ( I have not had to use any of these and can not recommend to you. If you absolutely need the data, do nothing else with the drive and send it out to the recovery service. Once you try home recovery tools, there is a chance for further problems if they fail. Also you may have a hardware failure here where the disk controller is bad.
  8. ok cool thanks for the help there was 1.3tb of data more or less on the drive most of it was movies tv shows and games, unfortunately there was some pictures and my docs and all which have gone but now what to do.
  9. now for backups i have picked up a new 2tb hdd now was wondering how do u guys recommend i connect it via esata enclosure or via a docking station? I cant decide between the two.
  10. Both are about the same from my point of view. I use 2 1T internal drives and use one for the BU images. Just happened to have a second available to me. If you are not going to send the drive out, the power recovery software has a trial, think it allows 1gig so u might get some photos.
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