How to recover data from a thumb drive that doesnt register on a laptop

I have a thumb drive that worked yesterday. I plugged it into my laptop this morning as I do nearly every morning. It isn't even registering on my laptop as a removable device or anything. I have plugged it into every USB connection & still nothing. I need the information of it. Is there any way to transfer it?
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  1. Some suggestions here:

    What's with the "18"? That's the third post that ends with "18". Is there an 18 bug in the 18 forum? 18
  2. @WyomingKnott: This "18" is a know issue in Forums today and they are fixing it. You would see an "18" after my post Have a great day!!!
  3. Sound like that is a physical problem.
  4. Carefully open the flash drive and inspect the USB pins for cracked solder joints.

    Alternatively, scan both sides of the circuit board and let us have a look at it.
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