Okay I just got a XFX GTS 250 1gb Core Edition from TigerDirect.com through a coupon I got from the manufacturer. So I install it and download the drivers.. All goes well, I go into Counter-Strike:Source and i do a Video Stress Test and I get 210 FPS on all HIGH. I go in-game aka server and my fps is steady around 100-120. I do another Video Stress Test and my result is 185 FPS, why is my FPS constantly dropping.

Also before I had a 8800GT 256mb from XFX Alpha Dog Edition and I would get 200-220 FPS in-game on MEDIUM Settings and 210 for Video Stress Test, why does it seem to have a better performance.

I installed the EVGA Precision Tuning and the card runs around 48degrees idle and in-game at 60.

Processor is AMD 3.2ghz Dual Core
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