Undervolting Atom D525 (fanless)

I have a DVR computer sitting right next to my bed. It is supposed to be a fanless setup, but i'm forced to use a 140mm side fan to keep the temperature under 60 degrees (it's very hot in my room).

I'm looking for a way to undervolt my CPU to try to cool it down so i can turn off that fan.

However, i can't find a way to undervolt Atom D525 CPU.
The BIOS won't allow me to change the voltage settings.
Intel Desktop Utilities doesn't support this CPU for undervolting
CPUGenie tells me that my CPU does not support Enhanced SpeedStep

What software should I use to undervolt my Atom CPU ?

here's my hardware:

- Intel BOXD525MW MINI-ITX Intel Atom D525 NM10 DDR3 SODIMM 2SATA PCI 4XUSB GBLAN Motherboard (fanless)
- Lian Li PC-Q08B Black Aluminum ITX Cube SFF Case 1X5.25 6X3.5INT USB3.0 Audio No PS
- Seasonic 400w 80+Gold (fanless)
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  1. It's fine if it goes above 60C the max thermal limit for this cpu is 100C: http://ark.intel.com/products/49490/
  2. Well i ended up removing that fan anyway just to test the temperature. I also removed a bunch of useless stuff in the case to allow better airflow, and replaced the CD drive by an air trap

    So far the temperature is sticking under 70 degrees. (but it's been running only for 1 hour)

    I know that CPU is supposed to have a max temperature of 100C (but i would seriously be scared to let it go above 70-75) but i doubt my Power Supply could tolerate that... I don't have a temperature sensor so i can't know what is the temperature of it right now :/

    Anyway, i'm still looking for a way to underclock or undervolt my Atom D525 CPU. Pretty sure it would help even if the voltage is already low (0.8250v).

    I've been monitoring CPU load for weeks and it almost never goes over 25% usage so i would like if i could disable that 75% heat/power i don't need

    Edit: CPU temperature keeps going up :( Now it's around 75degrees
  3. You can always get a fan by cougar or noctua. Those are VERY good and are absolutely silent! :ouch:
  4. Well the 140mm fan i'm using is a Scythe fan, it also has a reputation of being very silent but i can still hear it :( Since this CPU is made to work fanless, i would prefer to use it without a fan !

    Any idea if i can find a bigger heatsink replacement for the BOXD525MW ?
  5. Cooler master hyper 212+, cheap reliable. Just remove the fan!!
  6. the board holes do not line up for a 212+ and the case is too small.

    What is the location(top? front?) of your fan in that case, maybe another location would be more quiet.
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