[HELP] Athlon x2 245 With MSI K9N6PGM2-V

hi guys i've ordered a Athlon x2 245 for a replacement CPU (as the old is Fried)
i went onto the MSI site and it said my motherboard can take AM2 and AM3 socket CPU's
but the thing is the Socket itself only says AM2 not AM3 or AM2+
so im kinda worried it wont work
can anyone help me unworry ;D
also my Manual says its a K9N6PGM2 not a K9N6PGM2-V
and i cant find the K9N6PGM2
and its clearly a K9N6PGM2-V
help please :D
also i read www.legitreviews.com Athlon x2 255 Review (i know its a different model but there almost the same)
"so it will work in all Socket AM3 and AM2 motherboards with both DDR2/DDR3 memory solutions"
sorry if i posted in the wrong section
help is greatly appreciated
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  1. As long as you have BIOS revision 7309v95 or newer, it will work just fine.
  2. outlw6669 said:
    As long as you have BIOS revision C2 or newer, it will work just fine.

    thank you so much :D
    so 7309v9 bios rev will work?
  3. deleted
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