5970 bottleknecking

so i finally see the 5970 is out after the day i asked about running a 5870 or 5850's in deuce config on my little e8500. what clockspeed would unleash the full power of the 5970 on a intel e8500 chip ( 3.16ghz stock)?
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  1. It depends on the game, really. A CPU intensive one will be bottlenecked and a non-CPU (or GPU) intensive one will not be, so there is no simple answer. My suggestion would be to get a single 5870/50 and see if it is sufficient for your needs first, as it probably will be. If not, go into a little more detail on what your needs are.
  2. It depends on the game. You won't be able to get your CPU fast enough to not bottleneck on GTAIV or FSX for example, but Stalker and Crysis probably will do fine at a reasonable clock speed.
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