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Can anyone point me to a review or benchmark on these two CPUs? I'm basically trying to decide if I should buy a portable for my girlfriend with the T4400 (already available) or wait for the i3-350 model (will come within a month).

She won't play any games, it will most be for web browsing, e-mail, video-calls, word processing (Office 2010) and some photo editing (Photoshop CS4), all under Windows 7.

The i3-350 model will be around 25% more expensive, but I'm wondering if it'll get 25% more performance too. If not, I might as well get the T4400 right now! :)

Any help, links, or opinions appreciated.
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  1. Core i3 will be 2.26GHz.
    T4400 is an older cpu on socket P at 2.2GHz.

    I'm willing to bet the core i3 will have at least 25% more performance.

    Here is a clock for clock comparison of the core2 vs i3

    Now take into consideration that the T4400 will only have 1mb of cache.
  2. I3 will own, Ive seen laptops on the market with it already @
  3. Thank you both!

    Although that link doesn't have the exact models I'm looking for, the closest comparison seems to be between the i3-530 and the E4500, and the difference between those two is more like 50%, so I'm now confident that the mobile versions should have a similar difference, with i3 winning by a landslide :)

    Thanks again for the help, Valentine's Day is going to be great ;)
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