I7-2600k stable?

I ran Intel Burn Test for 10 RUNS

Stress LEVEL at MAXIMUM and then when it was done it says Successful so i'm just here to clarfiy if its accurate.?


BCLK: 100
CPU Ratio: 44
VCore: 1.305
CPU PLL Voltage: 1.8

Idle Temps; with AIRCON
Package: 37C

Idle Temps: without AIRCON
Around 37-42C

Load Temps:
Package: 74C

Is there a way to make the volts lower? when its on idle?
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  1. do you mean the temps? and yes you can change the rate at which your fans will speed up to cool your CPU. what you'll do it change it so that it has a lower starting wind up temp
    and the a more gradual slope towards the high temps, and when you reach the temp 37C or so have it at 100% fan speed.
    this way it will keep it cooler sooner rather than waiting for it to max out before it starts cooling.
    if your not talking about temps, i am confused on what your asking because you said volts
    and you only mentioned one vcore. which is fine for what you have
  2. those are extremely normal temps and voltages. no need to worry about anything.

    just for reference my overclock is:
    4.5ghz @1.33v
    temps min 30
    max 65*

    keep in mind i have a better air cooler then you so that is why i get lower temps.
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