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I was just checking my PC temperture with HWInfo and it says the MCP is 90C. I then checked this on Nvidia system monitor to confirm it and it said the same thing. I recently bought a geforce gts 250, and installed a 500W PSU.

I might be wrong but there is a small heatsink near the bottom of the motherboard, that is shaped to allow the PCIe graphics card to fit.

Is this heatsink on the MCP?
And what should I do about the high temperature. I have taken the big fan out of my old PSU, and stuck it on the inside of the cases side grill, and attached it temporarily to the floppy drive power lead. This is obviously not enough. Do you think the heat sink could have been damaged somehow, or is not stuck on properly?

I don't know how long this has been going on, and am not sure whether it has started since using the new card and PSU.

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  1. New info

    I took the temperature with different configurations.

    Took out the graphics card, and left the case open : MCP = 71C
    Closed case/no card/custom side panel fan/pci access panels taken out : MCP = 75C

    Graphics card in/ open case : MCP = 79C
    closed case/with graphics card/(same fan and panels as above) : MCP = 89C

    I am pretty sure it is the thing under the small heatsink now; but also noticed the heatsink is slightly wobbly. Is this a problem, and does it mean that it has come away from the paste a bit?

    I would have thought the temp increase with the graphics card installed is expected due to the higher power draw, and reduced air flow around the MCP heatsink.

    but 71C at idle, with no graphics and with the case open!?
  2. problem sorted, I have bought a bigger system case, some case fans, and a new low profile chipset heatsink/fan. :D
  3. Good to hear. what temps you running now? what kind of chipset heatsink for chipset did you get? i really need to cool down my northbridge
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