EVGA going a little nuts with 4-Way SLI


1699.99 for 4x GTX 285's in quad-SLI

who has a monitor that needs that much power behind it? even 30" screens running 2560x1600 you can run off a single GTX 285 with 3d vision!
i cannot see EVGA selling more than 2 or 3 of these to the very few who want people laughing at them for a waste of money.

then i have to draw attention to the fact you need 12x 6pin PCI connectors to power this rig. thats restricted to people running multiple PSU's linked together to get enough amperage across the 12V rails to even power this beast up.
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  1. Woah, that is crazy. How do those cards stay cool? And what is with all of the impending 'next gen' products they keep alluding to?
  2. Fermi is (hopefully) releasing in the next 3-6 months from Nvidia, as soon as that happens EVGA's upgrade program can come into effect, it's part of their warrenty that (i think) within 6 months of purchasing an EVGA card, if a new generation card comes out you only exchange and pay the difference rather than buy a whole new card and be stuck with the old one

    as for cooling, i'm thinking they would be using some of the Raven cases or Danger Den mod cases, I've seen a few with 4x120mm rads to cool the CPU/mosfets then on the back a 2x120mm rad for ram and northbridge,
    positive air pressure from the 4x120mm as an intake would give more than enough cooling for a 4way SLI set-up

    i'm still wondering why someone would spend on this due to the obvious lack of visible performance gains over a 3way SLI rig
  3. That makes sense I suppose. I guess I was hoping for some interesting surprise.
  4. this may be an odd question but why would you underclock your 1600mhz ram to 1066?
  5. Phhhh... ok...
  6. Well, technically the Athlon II 250 only supports up to 1066MHz. Now, normally I would ignore that and set it up to speed anyway, but I did hear several having issues when they did. Not confirmed or anything, but a couple reports. So, since this is mainly just a low load work (office) computer, I just decided to leave it at what it defaulted to (which was the JEDEC 1066 spec). It needs stability more than speed for my tasks, so I decided just to leave it alone.
  7. makes sense, I had to do that to my laptop when I upgraded the RAM, Dell locks the BIOS settings so without flashing it I'm stuck at just over 600MHZ on 800MHZ ram
  8. They're a bit late...a 5970 is just as good due to better scaling...and way cheaper at $600, whereas two 5970s at $1200 will dominate that piece of crap...

    I wonder what fools would buy that....
  9. the kind who have 12x 6pin PCI connector PSU's and money to burn
  10. Or a whole lot of molex plugs, splitters, and converters. I bet someone will buy that and try.
  11. I'm certain at least one Nvidia Fanboy shot off in his pants when they got that e-mail

    myself, i've ordered a 5770 in my new rig and getting a second one if i ever want to go eyefinity
    (why can't we use the 3rd and 4th DVI port of the second card for it though?)
  12. 4x5850 plus evga classified is $1600 that leaves $99 for shipping
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