(2) 4870 X2 Quad Crossfire BIOS settings in ASUS M4A79-T Deluxe

Curious to find out if I have my BIOS setup properly for (2) 4870 X2 for proper quad Crossfire performance.

Available settings that I know apply:

GFX Dual Slot Configuration: [Auto] / [Enable] / [Disable]

GFX2 Dual Slot Configuration: [Auto] / [Enable] / [Disable]

Peer-to-Peer amoung GFX/GFX2: [Enable] / [Disabled]

GPP Slots Power Limit, W: [25] (Value range from 0 to 255)

Is there anything else that I need to hard-set or configure in the BIOS of this board to obtain maximum performance?

Thanks in advance for your time!

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  1. Nothing?? Seriously?? No-one out there has any info?
  2. From what I have been researching auto/auto/Enable/75w
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