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Hello, I am building a PC and i was wondering what kind of case, cooling, and PSU I'm preferably using water cooling here are the components
Asus Maximum IV Extreme 2700k GTX 680 bluray writer 1x 500 GB drive 1x 1000 GB drive (data) 1x 240 GB SSD thanks ;)
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  1. i would make two loops one for cpu ram and bridges the second one for the gpu
  2. the case depends on what sort of setup you're gunning for, i.e internal or external look. more idea on your raddage will come from the sticky located at the top of the sticky or in my sig :) as its you who'll maintain the loop and continue to upgrade+use it for years to come.

    a PSU calculator will help you determine the minimum req's for a system like yours - another helpful link in my sig about psu's+how to chose one.

    take your time, give them a few read throughs and give yourself a high-five...if those exist nowadays :P hehe - we've learnt about the workings through research and understanding.We're here to help you "understand", not tell you what you "should" get.

    * welcome to the forums, newcomer!
  3. im just wondering what kind of water cooling systems are the best and if the case has any influence:)
  4. what kind of kit is the best for my system?
  5. for a beginner to get his/her feet wet, the XSPC Raystorm kit :) will go around $300 minus shipping+handling. but you also need to understand the TDP of your system, what you want running off your loop and all the what nots and FAQ's that...are in the sticky. That kit is good, though i wouldn't rate it as best as you will def have a dif taste and choice of parts when it comes to building a WC loop. might also want to check out my AMS build log in sig and understand why it took me so long to get the stuff i want.

    I know its alot to swallow, but being prepared for a hailstorm is better than getting pummeled into submission by 10" dia balls of solidified H2O

    im just wondering what kind of water cooling systems are the best and if the case has any influence
    without modding - limited options. with modding - anything can go on the case.

    I'd run everything off one loop provided you plan on getting 2 360 and two pumps and two loops worth of tubing. You wouldn't need to run ram under water. they all now are rated @ 1.35V - which is cold to the touch...even at 1.6V @ 1866 cas 9 will be cool to the touch. No real dif in the temps and a little less to spend on the loop cos of fittings+blocks for ram.

    ** take a look at the watercooling gallery on tom's here in the top of the section ... and there are other threads on other sites. will give you heads up on the type of case you'd like to own and the sort of loop you want to run.
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