Updating SATA3 SSD via laptop eSATA2 ExpressCard or USB2/USB3 adaptors

Hi guys

Would it be a problem to update the firmware of a Vertex 3 Max IOPS in Windows via a laptop's eSATA 2 ExpressCard? The card on the laptop is a JMicron JMB362. I will be using an external SATA/IDE power supply for the drive, I plan to connect it to a regular eSATA backplate and use a decent quality Akasa eSATA2 lead. I have used this method to connect quite a few SATA peripherals to the laptop's eSATA card in the past without any problems, (optical drives as well as hard disks - but never an SSD).

What about using a SATA to USB2 or a SATA to USB3 adaptor? (I have both).

Any ideas?
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  1. If from windows, I believe the driver for it must be AHCI other cavet is that it can not be the boot drive). I used the linux cd (bootable) method and here the question would be can linux see the drive. have you read this: http://www.ocztechnologyforum.com/forum/showthread.php?89670-Bootable-Tools-for-OCZ-Vertex-2-3-Agility2-3-Solid3-Revo-and-Ibis-SSD-s
  2. Thanks for the fast reply chief!
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