How to enable front panel for PCI sound card

Yesterday I bought a creative SB 5.1 VX sound card and installed in my system. The back panel works great. But the front panel was dead. Is there any way to make the front panel listen to the SB sound card rather listening to the onboard sound card?

I tried disabling the onboard audio from bios but no luck.

Motherboard : Intel DG41RQ
Onboard card : Realtek AC 97
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  1. If your sound card has the proper audio headers, then you can take the front panel audio headers away from the motherboard's integrated sound output to the new sound card's output. You should go poke around your motherboard and trace the wires that are coming from your front panel to identify the audio header. Good luck with that.
  2. You need to switch the FP audio connection from the motherboard to your sound card.
    Look for a cable coming from the case that looks similar to below.
    Switch this cable from the motherboard to the matching pins on your sound card.

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