[OC] 2500k @3.8ghz

I have seen some ppl pushing their CPUs through the roof, setting clock at 4.5, 5ghz, so I decided to try it out myself. However, did some stress test at 4ghz and did not get good results. After 30min using Prime 95 got it stabilized at 74ºC which I find unhealthy as 73.5ºC already accelerate silicon decomposition.

SOO, I set the clock down to 3.8 ghz and voilá! Healthy temps!(?)

(Image did not display quite right)
Temps varied around 66-70ºC. Gonna run some benchmarks now!

room temp is about 25ºC

question is, should I change voltage settings? could I still push it to 4ghz without jeopardizing the system's longevity?
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  1. Without better than stock cooling, I wouldn't go any farther.
  2. wops... forgot to mention, i am using akasa venom for air cooling
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