How to enable BIOS access from USB keyboard!

XP desktop, Pentium 4, Board: Dell Computer Corp. 0G1548 A00, BIOS: Dell Computer Corporation A05 12/02/2003.
I want to configure the BIOS so I can use my USB keyboard and still enter the BIOS. I've gone in from a PS/2 but can't figure out what to change or if the capability exists with this board/BIOS.
Under Integrated Devices (Legacy Select Options) I see the following possibilities, the rest of the options are enabled or probably not relevant.
Serial Port 1: Auto (selected), other options Com 1,2 or 3, Off
Parallel Port: Mode PS/2 (selected), other option I/O Address 378h
Diskette Interface (probably has nothing to do with it!): Auto (selected), Read Only or Off
Thank you for any input!
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  1. first thing to do would be to go to Dell's website and make sure you've got the latest greatest Bios for you computer...

    After that, someone else will need to chime in for a better solution.
  2. So I cracked the case on a hunch! Fortunately I do that quite often. I'm in my sixties so I'm way behind on the PC curve. Anyway, I'd installed a PCI card to accommodate the USB keyboard. Noting that every thing concerning USB was on or enabled in the BIOS, I plugged the printer into one of the new card ports (tested it, all features work) and plugged the keyboard into the port that the printer was using, which is one of the ones native to the tower, and that took care of it! Thanks for your help!
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