2x 240mm radiator vs 1 360mm?

Alright..you guys know that I have strongly been considering on switching over to watercooling (moto, ryan, rubix etc.) now yesterday I came across a cm 690 ii advanced at Central Computers for $65 that can hold a lot more radiators, and is a better case than the HAF 912 for watercooling. Would having a setup like this:

Be better than a setup with the 360mm radiator mounted on top? I am going to purchase the XSPC raystorm ex kit: http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=33588 it comes with a 240mm radiator, and later on I am going to add a rx240 radiator on the bottom. Just wondering what your opinions were...
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  1. You'll have more rad space (480mm vs 360mm) so you should get better cooling. The key thing to note is that the EX rads have a high FPI, so you'll benefit from higher RPM/static pressure fans on that rad.

    The RX rads have a lower FPI count, so they can tolerate lower RPM fans (though higher RPM fans will perform better, if you decide to buy all of the same fans).
  2. if you think the HAF 912 isn't meant for holding rads, might wanna google - "HAF 912+watercooling" and "HAF 912 owners club" will lead you to an overclock.net link with tonnes of HAF cases that are watercooled.

    * that block int he posted pic looks like a DT 5Noz.
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