Computer freezes only when i play a game

My system Configuration:
Quad Core Q8300 2.5Ghz
2GB Ram
Zotac nvidia 9500GT 1gb
zotac n610-ivalue mother board
80gb hard disk

Everything is new except my hard disk

every game freezes within 5 mins and my computer wont respond after that and my processor is shown as Pentium III xeon 2.5ghz, my OS is XP SP3...
please help me out with a solution
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  1. Did you reinstall windows after upgrading your hardware of repair your old instillation?
    What PSU are you using?
    Please post the brand, wattage and +12v amperage.
  2. yes i reinstalled windows after upgradation... i Use Zebronics 400W powesupply unit model-ZEB400W PLUS(20+4PIN)
  3. +3.3V-28A
    +5V -30A
  4. Alright, while not really a quality unit, it still has plenty of power for your system.
    How about your temps?
    Please use GPUz and Realtemp to post your idle and load temps.
  5. These are the tem details

    Temp before Test:
    GPU- 48

    38 36 34 40

    distance to TJ Max

    62 64 66 60


    37 35 33 40


    40 36 34 40

    Temp After Testing CPU on 100% Load for 2 mins
    GPU- 48


    39 36 35 40

    distance to TJ Max

    61 64 65 60


    38 35 34 40


    47 39 42 41

  6. I looked at the MB and I looked at the video card. Everything about it screams HEAT. The NB could use direct air flow. Bet that heat sink gets hot as the sun. The video card looks like it has issues with heat just sitting there. Saw pic with the cover off of it. The MB is extremely small and components are close together. Try playing with the side off the case and put a fan on it to see if it helps. The processor may also be getting hot. Very close quarters.
  7. test your hardware
  8. Yes, start with the basics and eliminate possible problems as you go.
    Test your RAM using Memtest, CPU with prime95 and GPU with FurMark.
    Let the tests run for a while to be sure there are no issues.
    While testing with the above, keep an eye on your temps and post those load temps back.
  9. i tried with another heat sink which has much higher speed than the current heat sink fan but there is no change...

    so please suggest me another alternative
  10. Have you tested the CPU, RAM and GPU yet?
  11. yes you were right when i tested ram using memtest it was showing hundreds of errors
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