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Hey all ...

I hope u guys can help me out ... I am upgrading my xfx 7600GT ... for a 9600GT ... I want 2 get as much information on good brands 2 follow and which of the many 9600GT's u guys would recommend ...

Thank you in advance.
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  1. The 9600GT will run rings around your 7600GT. I bought an EliteGroup 9600GT passively cooled 9600GT (it came with an Arctic Cooling Accelero S2 heatsink) when it first came out last year. I stuck it in my HTPC since I wanted it to be as quiet as possible. It's no longer produced, because of other passively cooled 9600GT which uses a smaller, but still effective heatsink.

    If you want something that's passively cooled (overclock at your own risk) then get an Asus:

    If you can COD4 game, then get the XFX:

    You could also go for a 1GB version instead of 512MB, but I don't think the 9600GT can really take advantage of it regardless of what resolution you play at. At least the following Gigabyte 9600GT 1GB has been factory overclocked though:
  2. I will be looking at the XfX version ... IF i wanted 2 look at over clocking < i never take passivly cooled cards > ... are there other makes which over clock easier ...

    What is the whole ... GT, GTS, GTU, GSO ... ... etc etc etc ...
  3. Though I believe this card is a much better choice?

    GT/GTS/GTU/GSO is just a suffix. Blame nVidia.
  4. See I am from South Africa ...and prices here are repulsive ... I am lookin at spending R1000 on a gfx card < about 132$ > ... the 9600GT is the best I can get 4 that kind of money ...

    I was looking at the ... BioStar 9600GT or Msi 9600GT both are 512mb gddr3 256bit ... ...

    I havent bought a gfx card in a while and now with all the new players ... brands are gettin me confused ...

    Thank You 4 the input so far !!
  5. I would go with MSI or whichever is cheaper / has better warranty.
  6. Consider ATI cards as well...they might be cheaper and offer better performance.
  7. I have always been brand loyal 2 Intel and Nvidia ... but if ATI is going 2 kick a** ... what cards would u suggest ... I dont know ATI at all
  8. The 4770 beats the 9600Gt, though it needs a 6pin PCI-E.

    For $130, you could get an HD4870 maybe. Needs a 6pin, but it beats the 9600gt by far.
  9. The HD 4770 main competitors are the 9800GT and the HD 4850.

    See following review:
  10. Also, if you are willing to go up to $150, you can buy the HD 5750 which is as powerful as the HD 4850 (slightly more powerful than HD 4770), has DX11 and consume about half the power of a HD 4850 (slightly less or about the same as the HD 4770).

  11. WOW ... I never really knew ATI had come up so far in the realm of graphic cards ... I am really impressed ... ... After looking around I was able 2 find a supplier who can give me a ... Msi 9800GT for only 185$ which is not all that much difference ... How does the 9800GT now factor into the equation ... does it kill the other cards mentioned ?? ... ... I know the 8800GT was a monster card back in the day and still is and the 9800GT is the same chip ...
  12. Hey all

    I know this thread has been quiet awhile ... But ... can u tell me if these are good stats 4 a 9800gt ...

    MSI N9800GT stats :: http://www.comx-computers.co.za/MS-N9800GT-MD1G-PWM-MSI-N9800GT-MD1G-1024MB-16X-PCI-E-graphics-card-Information-Price-Buy-Cheap-p-29654.php

    I have a CoolViva Z1 GPU Cooler that is on my 7600GT that will fit the 9800GT allowing me 2 clock much better ...
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