Install Windows XP over Windows 7 netbook with external CD

:??: :o :??: :wahoo:
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  1. moosa_46 said:
    :??: :o :??: :wahoo:

    Just use the built in Win7 XP compat mode.
  2. If your netbook came with win7 it may not have drivers for winXP. is there some specific reason you need to run winXP on the netbook?
  3. I know why the request to put XP over WIN7 was made. I want to do the same myself!

    1. It is familar.
    2. I don't like the re-arrangement of the user interface with WIN 7.
    3. I run 4 computers and it makes very good sense to have the same setup/operating system on the lot.

    4. I do NOT like Win 7.

    Good enough?

    I hope it is, so that I can get rid of Win 7.
  4. Neil Mac hopefully then your make and model of computer is compatible with Windows XP and the manufacturer provides drivers for it.
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