"how can i install window xp on i3 processors"

hello sir.....
I bought a laptop of asus tec company with window 7. now iwant to use window xp on this laptop as well as window 7.because i need that for some software working well which is not working in window 7.so can i use window xp and how i install window xp on asus tec k52f model i3 processer?????????????
please help me ....................
my email d is ahmadmoeez68@yahoo.com
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  1. Most newer laptops aren't backwards compatible with windows XP. Some hardware drivers only exist in windows 7 so you could install it just like you would install XP on any system but be unable to get your audio or video drivers working properly. You will also need a valid windows XP cd key, which you may not be able to track down.


    Here is where you can find XP drivers. Be careful.
  2. have you tried running your program in windows7 with compatibility mode?
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