Firmware update on agility 3/SATA AHCI?

My agility 3 120gb ssd stopped working, it wasn't being detected by my motherboard half the time and was causing BSOD's so now I've got a mechanical hdd as my boot drive temporarily. I'm trying to update the firmware on the drive using the firmware toolbox from ocz. When i check the device it says firmware version 2.06 and after updating that remains the same. Is this the latest firmware? I couldn't find on the ocz site where it says what version is the latest. Also it says the SATA controller needs to be in AHCI mode, i went into bios and i see 3 possible options relating to sata which i can change to ahci but im not sure which is the right one, i switched the first one and the computer wouldn't boot so i put it back to ide and switched the other 2 to ahci and it booted (from the mechanical still) i ran the update again and still sitting on 2.06

Is there something I'm missing or have i done it correctly? and which controllers need to be set to AHCI? my motherboard is a gigabyte z68x-ud7-b3
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  1. "*CURRENT FIRMWARE RELEASE is v2.13" per the information listed on OCZ site.

    As for setting the drive as AHCI, you want your primary drive / drive the SSD is installed on set to AHCI mode. To avoid the "no boot" issue, after switching to AHCI mode, you need to follow the directions provide in the link below first before switching.

    This will prevent you from having issues with the PC not wanting to boot after the switch (hopefully :D )
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