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I currently have a 8 year old BEFSR41 version 1 from Linksys and I just found out that it has half duplex on the wan port meaning what ever I connect to it (I have a 12 mbps connection) is cut in half - so I have only been getting at most 5-5.5mbps on any of the pc's connected to this router (there are only 2 PC's in my household)

Are current routers full duplex on all the ports (WAN/LAN)? I want to receive at least 10mbps+ on any PC I connect to my next router. I have been looking at the DIR-655.

Please correct me on my understanding of half duplex on the WAN - if I am wrong. I seriously am pissed at linksys for selling a product that cuts your WAN connection bandwidth in half.
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  3. help I need advice for a new router please? I want my wired connection to be nearly the same as my connection speed directly to the cable modem (up to 12mbps). Currently my BEFSR41 version 1 is only giving me 5-6 MBPs due to the half duplex WAN.

    Are all wireless N routers full duplex on WAN port (and LAN ports)?
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