i plan to overclock my cpu (amd phenom IIx6 1090t) to 4.0 ghz. The only trouble is knowing my voltage. what i was thinking was start at (what my bios cpu offset voltage reads around 1.39)1.4v and my DRAM Voltage and start increasing by 0.025v on the cpu voltage if the prime45 stress test fails. Cooling system is a antec kuhler 920 w/ m4a89gtd pro/usb 3 motherboard.i have no idea what to do with DRAM voltage.

I have a rosewill 600w psu. Should i upgrade?
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  1. That PSU will be enough.
    About the voltages only change them when needed and only in very small amounts. It's probably the thing you should touch the least when overclocking.
    Also no need to change DRAM voltage if you're not overclocking the RAM...I think
  2. i guess i can leave DRAM on auto. if i change the cpu offset voltage what would be the appropriate amount?
  3. I've never overclocked an AMD before so I'd take a quick look at the basic guide here in the forum. I'm sure there's something there about voltages.
    I guess you should change as little as possible tho. Better to waste a few minutes getting it right than trying to guess what voltage you should run and possibly fry the CPU
  4. what is a good base to start at? i was thinking 1.4v and slowly get it up
  5. A good base to start is the default value. I had a wolfdale overclocked from 2.6 to 3.0 on stock voltage
  6. so at stock and work my way up?
  7. Yes. Only change voltages when you can no longer run a stable overclock
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