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In the past, I built all of my PCs. Now I need to upgrade my old PC before it dies and I'm planning on going with Windows 7, but I don't have time to build it myself.

I don't want to go with a Dell or HP type shop. I want to buy from a place where I have a selection of parts and can have some choices. Here are a few I've found (though I haven't tried any of them yet):

Does anyone have any experiences with these? Can you recommend any others that you have heard good things about?

Note: Please move if this is in the wrong place. This was the closest forum I could find.

Thank you.
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  1. you can check out also
  2. Check out Digital Storm online. They build a quality product, you can read a review at, good luck with your new machine.
  3. Thanks. I'll look into those.
  4. If you have the time to choose all the parts USED(as in I am no longer sure if they do or not) to offer an assembly option at checkout for an additional 50$. They won't install your OS or anything like that, but what they will do is put all the components together and make sure it posts which will save you a whole world of trouble. Be sure you order proper thermal compound though or they'll stick you with the crap that comes with whatever HS/Fan you buy for your CPU.
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