Safe mode not working, virus- infected xp , malware

i need to open system with safe mode for deleting temporary folder (malware infacted) so whenever I enter safe mode, safe mode with networking and safe mode with command prompt in all cases my system restart again bt not open with any safe mode commad....what to do??
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  1. Download a linux live disc. I prefer knoppix or ubuntu,

    Burn the ISO to a cd (Both knoppix and Ubuntu should have directions on how to do this) and boot to the disc, this will give you a working OS that is running off of a CD instead of booting to the drive. From there you can go into a file explorer and delete whatever you need to.

    It may be easier just to backup your data and restore though......
  2. windows itself is malware infected. simply deleting the temporary folder will not resolve that issue. the best thing to do is backup your data and restore as wanamingo stated.
  3. even backup didn't worked for me... (i backup in USB drive and it was also infected).. just formatted all HD through fdisk... its OK now, thanks anyway :)
  4. great glad its fixed now. please mark the thread solved.
  5. how to mark it??
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