Which processor and motherboard for new build?

Hello All,

I am going to build a new PC and need some advise. I am an AMD fan and need suggestions on which AMD processor and motherboard I should go for. Budget is not a problem. I'll be using it for photo-editing, internet, occasional video-editing and downloading video content. I don't need gamer's specs as I am not a heavy gamer. I'm a power user who tends to run multiple apps at once and like to have it all running smooth and fast. I hate it when an app takes forever to load when an anti-virus scan is going on or am doing some photo-editing. Loading and execution should be zippy. I am happy to have onboard graphics but if a good graphics card makes my multi-tasking experience better, I wouldn't mind having it.

Looking forward to hearing from all you experts.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Thanks for the tip, mfarrukh. I'll look at the specs of the mobo and let you know what I'm thinking.
  2. Mobo ASUS M4A79XTD EVO

    CPU AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz

    memory G skill

    Video card sapphire hd 4850

    Grand total would be around 550

    would reccomend haveing the dedicated video card just to make things run smoother and snappier these compnents would give you a smooth and fast system ready for multitasking heaven if you wanted gameing i would suggest a better video card but for what you want this would be a fast and reliable system and can be overclocked nicely if you wanted too.

    LOL he beat me too it but wow picked same stuff

    Couple items you will also need is a power supply and a case id suggest a corsair or antec atleast 500 watts
  3. Looking at the mobo, I see it has no IGP. Which graphics card would you recommend then?
  4. since your not gameing you wont need direct x 11 go with the 4850 i listed
  5. Radeon 5770 HD for $160
    Radeon 5750 HD for $120
  6. mfarrukh said:
    Radeon 5770 HD for $160
    Radeon 5750 HD for $120

    he said hes not gameing so he dont need dx 11 you should go with the 4850

    the 5700s u listed are 128 bit the 4850 is 256 bit will be a faster card
  7. Thanks saaiello... What would you recommend for my OS? All the best hardware would be useless if I had a crappy OS. Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 7 Home? Or maybe Hackintosh or Linux?
  8. Thanks mfarrukh. Now what would recommend for the OS? Also power supply? I would need a future ready PSU that would manage the peripherals I add without burning out.
  9. win 7 is the way to go i use ultimate
  10. i like antecs this is a good one and will handle pretty much any addon in the future'
  11. Should I get 8 GB RAM? All that multi-tasking, remember?

    And I cant decide which video card now. Frankly an onboard card takes out all the confusion lol
  12. Another thing: I live in Australia. Newegg does not ship here. So I'll be looking at the local computer shops/fairs. Post the links nevertheless. It's useful for product descriptions and price estimates.
  13. Give me a link of the store you wanna buy from
  14. 6 GB RAM is more than enough, in my opinion
    If you have the money for 8 GB, Grab it
  15. I have used www.techbuy.com.au in the past for a couple of items. I do not know another online retailer in Australia. There aren't too many to begin with.
  16. 6 GB would have been great, I know. But I'd have to get an even number of chips to take advantage of dual channel, wouldn't I? That would mean, either 4GB or 8GB. Not sure if we can achieve dual channel with 6GB unless I buy 6X1GB. Is that correct? The ASUS M4A79XTD EVO doesnt have 6 slots for RAM.
  17. get 2 2 gig chips and 2 1 gig chips then you got your 6 gig
  18. mfarrukh said:

    Why you showing him these he is not gameing so it dosent justify spending all that extra money for a dx 11 video card the sapphire 4850 with its 256 bit bus that i listed will be faster then these cards and alot cheaper
  19. ^^^^^
    He lives in AUSTRALIA
  20. Good idea, saaiello... regarding RAM

    Guys, I have a OCD when it come to decisions lol... So you going to have to recommend 1 final video card. Please note, I'd be doing the occassional DVD rips too.
  21. http://www.techbuy.com.au/p/133961/VIDEOCARDS_RADEON_PCI-EX_4XXX_SERIES/Sapphire/11147-06-20R.asp

    hd 4830

    105 bux and would be a great card for your needs

    but if you are going to game in the future go with one of the 5700s if not this is all you need
  22. I'll still suggest you to go for 5750 HD
    In future, you may find interest in gaming
  23. basically its all up to your budget if you want to spend an extra 100 bux on video card you "might" use in the future or do you save the 100 bux and get what you need and maybe go get something else for the rig like maybe some nice surround speakers for it but its all up to how much you want to spend.
  24. what is 'bux'?
  25. I am guessing the 4830 could still play the odd game like NFS, quite nicely.
  26. and also IMO i wouldnt get a BFX card with 128 bit bus look for something with a 256 bit bus will be a faster card
  27. oh yea will play nfs on maxed out settings no problem
  28. 'bux' would be bucks :-)
  29. only advantages of going with the 5700 cards is your getting dx11 cappabilities so your paying a premium for the new tech.
  30. yea sorry
  31. bucks bux sorry for my slang im from New Jersey LOLs
  32. yeah I know
    Just wanted to tease him a bit
  33. The only game I ever play occassionally is NFS. Otherwise, I use my PC for intensive web browsing, downloading, lots of photo work, moving large files around and occasional video ripping. And I tend to do all the above simultaneously lol
    I want stuff to load and close in a jiffy.
    So am leaning towards the 4830 w/512MB RAM. The 5750 w/1GB sounds appealing too.
  34. lol @ mfarrukh... and I thought you really didn't know what 'bux' was hehehe
  35. If you only want to play NFS series You probably wanna go with 4850 or even 4830/4770
    They will be good for all sorts off needs including casual gaming
    4670 HD is also worth checking out
    Its only $65 USD
    And it will give you whatever performance you want on NFS games
  36. the 512 on the 256bit bus will be faster then the 1 gig on a 128 bit bus you will never even take advantage of useing all of the 1 gig on a slower bus
  37. mfarrukh said:
    If you only want to play NFS series You probably wanna go with 4850 or even 4830/4770
    They will be good for all sorts off needs including casual gaming
    4670 HD is also worth checking out
    Its only $65 USD
    And it will give you whatever performance you want on NFS games

    I used to have a 4670 it is a great card too
  38. 4670 is worth your every penny
  39. So we have narrowed it down to the 4xxx. The price difference between a 4670 and 4850 in Australia is a few dollars. So I think I should go to the 4850 since it has 256 bit as compared to 4670's 128 bit
  40. Yep, if it is just few $$, you should go for 4850
  41. absolutely
  42. yes thats the card to get
  43. finnally we agree on something mfarrukh lol
  44. saaiello said:
    finnally we agree on something mfarrukh lol

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