Overclocked AMD Sempron 140 to Athlon II Settings and Temperatures

Hello. My overclocked Athlon II became back to Sempron 140 for some unknown reasons. So I have overclocked it back to Athlon II which is unfamiliar to me since it's my first time. The guy who overclocked it didn't show it to me how it's done. Now, I'm kinda nervous with this thing. I unlocked the core1 on the BIOS and disabled the other 4 cores. Maybe I'm humble but I just don't want to screw around things that I have less knowledge.

I'm concerned about the temperatures because I don't know if I did it properly. Can you guys please check it out? I have some images about CPUID. The one is from the Sempron
and the other is from the overclocked Athlon II

Note: Did I overclock it or just unlocked the core? I'm new about this stuff. While typing this, I'm kinda freaking out because I'm thinking that the CPU will explode or something. I'm typing this with my head below the monitor.


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  1. Those images are taken while not doing anything. No gaming, music, video, etc. Just the CPU ID open
  2. Okayyyy... The readings say 0 degrees Celsius on both cores. I have read that after unlocking cores this will happen.
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