Anyway to have the CPU vary its fan speed?

Im new to PCs and was wondering this question.. I have an i5 2400. I had the stock cooler on it and it was pretty quiet. I then had a credit from newegg and bought the CM 212 evo cooler. It seems to be running the temps better than the stock cooler, as expected. The idle is around 28-29c the lowest core is 23c. But here is the catch, the fan is running on 100% ( via speed fan ) I know I can adjust it via Speedfan, but is there anything that will adjust it automatically when the heat rises?

If so what threshold should I have the fan ramp up at, as in what temp should the fan increase say 50% speed to 75% speed then 100% speed? ( if possible ) thanks!

BTW I have an ASRock h61m/u3s3
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  1. in the bios there should be a option for cpu fan control.

    set it to silent, and it will only ramp up when the cpu gets very hot.
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