Windowsxp will not install any updates from Microsoft

I am running windowsxp and it will not install any updates from Microsoft, Java, etc.
I also have an issue where any browser I use will not connect to or I can enter an IP for Google and it will connect. I have run many spyware, malware, antivirus programs with nothing foud. I have also checked the hosts file with no issues there. I have cleared the DNS cache as well.
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  1. if you are unable to reach webpages with the domain name and only with the IP address, make sure in your tcp/ip settings for the adaptor it is set to auto. then from the command line you can type

    ipconfig /release


    ipconfig /renew

    it should automatically grab the information from the dhcp server. if it DOES get correct information from the dhcp server but you are still unable to browse, try using google's open DNS. if it fails to get the ip, gateway and dns info from the dhcp server you have a networking problem
  2. What error are you getting when it tries to update?
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