CD/DVD ROM will not read any CD anymore but will read dvd

Hello, I have replaced my dvd rom device because it would not read cds. But new dvd rw combo won't play cds either, but both old and new will read dvds.
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  1. If one device would only read DVDs, we would immediately point out that there are two lasers, one for DVDs and one for CDs, and that the CD head could be dead. With neither one reading CDs, it's either one of the world's great coincidences or a software issue.

    Have you played any music CDs pressed by Sony recently? Sony is famous for including malware under the guise of "DRM" that messes up CD playing. If you have a backup of your OS from back when it was playing CDs, you could restore that and see if the players work.

    Another good test, if you have the time and inclination, is to try both drives in another computer. If they can read CDs, it's something on your PC. If they can't, you are unlucky.
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