Memory frequency issue

hi i recently built my computer. here are my specs:

antec 900
gigabyte ga p55 usb3 mobo
G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600
i5 750 stock (no overclock)
corsair tx 750psu
bfg 210 gpu
xp home

i looked into my bios and my ram frequency is listed as 1333 when it should be 1600mhz
how do u go about changing it to stock settings as advertised? im a noob at this so please simplify (first build)
also i want my i5 at stock, no oc, i just want my ram freq changed the way it was suppose to be, or is this false advertising by gskill?
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  1. You must OC in order to get 1600. But leave it at 1333, there's no real difference.
  2. can you tell me how then
  3. Go to the OC section and ask in there.
  4. Hi.

    Ur current RAM don't support 1600 as default or as an options in the BIOS, in this case u need set all the specifications of ur RAM manually in the BIOS.

    How do u do that? U need enter to the BIOS of ur mobo (I think that ur BIOS mobo is something like this), look for the option advance memory settings and I think that u can find there the options to set the specifications of ur RAM manually.

    U only need change this: CL, Trcd, Trp, Tras and also set the voltage to the specific of ur RAM.
  5. thanks saint, and yes that's exactly the bios in my motherboard. could you tell me more in depth about what you mean when you change the cl, trcd, etc? i have no idea what you are talking about... remember im a noob who has just built his first computer.
  6. Don't worry man, we are here to help to u.

    Read THIS, can give to u a better knowledge about the timings in ur RAM and what means each.

    Now, ur RAM have a specifications right? Speed (1600MHz), Voltage (1.35V to 1.65V, depends of the manufacturer and model), CL (Cas Latency). Can u tell to me which of this models is ur RAM?

    1- 1st option
    2- 2nd option
    3- 3th option
    4- 4th option
  7. my ram is the second one
    i kind of get it but im not sure what numbers to change in the settings. also im scared that i might mess something up. if i change the ram frequency, i have to change the cpu too correct?
  8. Ok.

    So, go to ur BIOS and change the things in this way:

    CL: 9
    tRCD: 9
    tRP: 9
    tRAS: 24
    Command per clock: 2N
    Voltage: 1.5V

    Take a look of this, ur BIOS should it be very similar and have similar options.
  9. i also emailed g skill about the change in frequencies. heres the reply:

    Dear Customer,

    We can definitely help you. In the Bios under Ai overclocker/Ai tuner simply enable XMP profile and it will automatically load the settings for the memory. Save and exit and you will be running at the rated speed.

    Thank You,
    G.Skill RMA Department

    their method seems easier to do. so whos right?
  10. Best answer
    ^Both methods are right, but go with the suggested by G.Skill, is more easy and quickly for u.
  11. ok i finally fixed it to correct timings but my cpu temp is really high now around 39 degrees @ idle (i5 750 w/ hyper 212 hsf). oh well,thanks for all the help saint19 u the best!
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  13. Any time, that's why we are here, and according to the CPU I think that the XMP profile also change some stuffs in ur CPU. Check if this is running at stock speed.
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