Restoring original programming on seagate 1 5tb hard drive

After hooking up my Seagate 1.5tb expansion portible drive and formatting it to the tv, my computer wont recognise it.

i now want to use it on my computer

Please help
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  1. Is it still empty? What TV? Did u ever format it?
  2. Its an LG 3D smart TV, i plugged it into the TV to record some shows and i formatted it. And now i want to use it on my computer. it recognises it in my Devices and Printers control pannel but i cant access it to use it.
  3. If the tv uses a proprietary format, your computer won't be able to read it and the disk will need initialized and formatted for the PC.
  4. how do i go about doing that
  5. Use disk management to do it. *THIS WILL ERASE ALL DATA*
  6. it is saying that i need ti initialize, partition and format the drive. when i go to do this the only thing that comes up is DELETE VOLUME.

    Do i do this???? If i do what wil it do and will it help
  7. If the volume(partition) already exists, you can simply format it. If you delete it, you'll need to create a new volume(partition), then format it.
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